I was born and raised in Australia by a single dad who loved my brother and me. He raised us right in spite of the challenges we faced. Marcus had an amazing upbringing in Canada. Both of us grew up in what I’d call a healthy spiritual environment and it shaped life in so many beautiful ways for us.

Two people from two different hemispheres met in Portland in 2007. Friendship blossomed into a serious relationship and resulted in marriage in 2012. Marcus had always dreamed of being a dad and baby Jarrah was making that dream a reality. But then the unexpected. In the midst of our dreams and plans, the anticipation of meeting our little guy, we miscarried. It’s hard to describe the pain. The emptiness. The loneliness. Life seemed to stand still. It was difficult to cope. But it was in that dark moment that we experienced the power of friendship. People who walked by our side. Meals. Support. A listening ear and time spent together.

Loneliness wasn’t an option. Too many people loved us. Zenith, our second child, is now 18 months and fills our life with such incredible joy. What connects us? Even in the darkest moments of this journey through life, we’re never alone.