It didn’t quite go the way we had planned it… but it turned out better than expected. Life can be that way. You’ve got your plans and then it happens… the unexpected.

I moved to Portland. The relationship didn’t work out and pursuing my career goals became my focus. Until I met Mark. He was kind, generous, giving of himself and our relationship quickly developed. It didn’t take long in our dating relationship before I got pregnant. An unexpected twist. I graduated college, married Mark, gave birth. Things were moving fast and in an unexpected direction. Travel. Career. Plans for the future all came to a screeching halt. I knew God was out there, I knew he had plans. I’m not so sure my life was following the prescribed order of things. Mark on the other hand. He was raised Jewish. Not active, more something that was loosely connected and seemed to just be taking whatever step was next.

Two lives. Two different backgrounds. Some common values, but a whole lot to figure out. Tarah knew that we needed to find a community. A safe place to walk out life and figure some of these things out. For 8 years I watched. Observed. Evaluated. And for 8 years I was welcomed, loved and cared for. People willing to walk with me. A community that showed us Jesus. A journey together that has led us into a greater freedom, knowing who we are, knowing we are fully embraced and loved by God. What connects us? A group of friends who are willing to walk with us on this path through life.