What if you could make a difference in just one other person’s life? Would you do it? We’ve had the opportunity to impact lots of different peoples’ lives and been strengthened by a lot of amazing people. But there’s one young lady, two years old when we first took her in, that we know we were placed on this planet to care for. However, what we discovered on this journey is that we don’t have to do that on our own.

We both grew up in Portland and had what many might see as a routine life. The normal highs and lows. Struggles with purpose and meaning. Finding our way into and through careers.  We’re grateful for the path that life has led us on, into fulfilling careers, meeting each other and sharing similar passions.

But it was one year after we married that life would change and begin to really stretch us. Peighton entered our lives. She was two at the time and had been living in an unhealthy place and unsafe conditions. Our hearts broke. We had to do something. And even though we had no experience as parents and early in our marriage we knew it was right. It stretched us, we battled fear and uncertainty, we needed wisdom and advice.

At just the right time, we found a community that provided the kind of support, wisdom and encouragement that you hope to find in life. People willing to walk alongside you, support your dream and help you walk out life. Peighton has become a part of our little family and around the same time our little family was welcome into a bigger family. What connects us? The sense of family with people in our community.