It might sound strange to you, but I heard a voice. Not like an audible out loud voice, but something deep inside that would change our family forever.

We both grew in Torreon, Mexico in a traditional religious environment with all the social and institutional bells and whistles but no real life in it. My job transferred us to Portland, which was a big change for both of us leaving family, friends and culture and for Kitty it meant leaving behind her career as an architect. That season put an incredible strain on our marriage. Stresses that led to three separations and the brink of divorce as we tried to figure it out. Sitting in our bedroom at the end of all hope, Kitty heard a simple invitation to trust Jesus with her life and her marriage. One moment that would change everything.

Life is really a series of steps, and this first step would lead us to take more steps and eventually find a Spanish community on its journey together through life. We were excited to find a Spanish speaking community at Mannahouse who immediately welcomed and surrounded us with people who loved and genuinely cared for us. Those relationships strengthened our relationship and help to lay a foundation for our little family.

What connects us? A group of people that we previously didn’t know have become like family to us. We give and receive investing into one another.