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Stories and the very human desire to connect


Brand Manager. Friend. Discovering how we help one another grow.

  1. Nia Rayford

    Not smart enough. Not good enough. Not confident enough. At least that’s what I thought. I’d transferred to Indiana University to pursue by dream of fashion, but the party scene had left me lonely and my grades were heading in the wrong direction. There were some course corrections during those years, but my move to New York for Grad School only further exposed insecurities. That need for validation from relationships that were pr…Read More

On the brink of divorce. We found family.

  1. Ruben & Kitty

    It might sound strange to you, but I heard a voice. Not like an audible out loud voice, but something deep inside that would change our family forever. We both grew in Torreon, Mexico in a traditional religious environment with all the social and institutional bells and whistles but no real life in it. My job transferred us to Portland, which was a big change for both of us leaving family, friends and culture and for Kitty it meant le…Read More

24. Starting my career. Knowing and being known.

  1. Caleb Petroski

    Moving to Portland was overwhelming. I’d moved around when I was younger but never to a city this big, with so many options and possibilities. Honestly, it was paralyzing. Where do you find friends? How do you get connected? Sure, I had some guys that I knew from before and teammates from the soccer team, but it was one coach that took time with me, walked with me and introduced me to my new friends at Mannahouse. It’s amazing whe…Read More

Married 18 years. 4 Kids. Not walking through life alone.

  1. Mark & Tarah

    It didn’t quite go the way we had planned it… but it turned out better than expected. Life can be that way. You’ve got your plans and then it happens… the unexpected. I moved to Portland. The relationship didn’t work out and pursuing my career goals became my focus. Until I met Mark. He was kind, generous, giving of himself and our relationship quickly developed. It didn’t take long in our dating relationship before I got …Read More

A Canadian and an Aussie. Married. Dream shattered. But never alone.

  1. Marcus & Kim-Marie

    I was born and raised in Australia by a single dad who loved my brother and me. He raised us right in spite of the challenges we faced. Marcus had an amazing upbringing in Canada. Both of us grew up in what I’d call a healthy spiritual environment and it shaped life in so many beautiful ways for us. Two people from two different hemispheres met in Portland in 2007. Friendship blossomed into a serious relationship and resulted in mar…Read More

One moment that changed everything… for all of us.

  1. Rajiv & Amanda

    What if you could make a difference in just one other person’s life? Would you do it? We’ve had the opportunity to impact lots of different peoples’ lives and been strengthened by a lot of amazing people. But there’s one young lady, two years old when we first took her in, that we know we were placed on this planet to care for. However, what we discovered on this journey is that we don’t have to do that on our own. We both g…Read More

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